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Leading Ladies
How ‘Ladies of Justice’ group is empowering and energizing women
Elizabeth Gardner
Elizabeth Gardner
Senior Network Vice President
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Giving Back Together
One of the most cherished parts of Ladies of Justice is fundraising for worthy causes. Recently, the group donated money to Feeding America, and PPLSI matched the group’s donations. The joint effort resulted in more than 40,000 meals given to those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Did you know 75 percent of all direct sellers are women? It’s true! Powerhouse female entrepreneurs are drawn to the industry, as well as millions of women who purchase products through direct sales companies as preferred customers. This industry fits the unique gifts and skill sets of women.
PPLSI honors these women through their thriving and robust women’s group called “Ladies of Justice.”
The group was created in the 1990s by PPLSI Associate Gayle Serba. She was attending presentations with her husband and noticed there weren’t many women present. She set out to change that by creating an organization just for women within PPLSI. It gave women support, resources, and a spirit of community.
“I saw a need to give women different options on how to present the business that fit more with their lifestyle,” Gayle says. “We focused on showing them different ways to do that.”

Renewed Resolve

The group continued to grow and got a burst of new energy in 2018. A new council was formed and they got to work implementing weekly calls, putting on trainings, taking on philanthropic projects, and activating the social media interaction with the group.
Another big part of the Ladies of Justice organization is specific breakout events at company conventions.
Elizabeth Gardner, Senior Network Vice President of Ladies of Justice, says these events are living proof of the power of the organization.
“At one of our recent events in Phoenix, we had a full stage of female ring earners,” Elizabeth says. “We have changed the game for women here.”

We are Family

One of the biggest aims of Ladies of Justice is to help women feel seen, understood, and supported at every stage of life while building their businesses.
“We are a group for the mom with young kids, or a full-time professional,” Elizabeth says. “We are here for those who want to build a large team and for those who are empowered in simply selling memberships.”
Elizabeth is an incredible example of how the group can work for women in all stages of life. When she started in PPLSI, she had young children at home and was able to build a business and raise her babies simultaneously. When she became a widow in her early 50s, she found immeasurable support and strength from her Ladies of Justice family.
The groups’ board and council members are diverse and include women from all races, all religions, and all age ranges.
“We wanted the leadership to reflect our sales force,” Elizabeth says. “Some are part-time and some are full-time, and we are spread out all over the country.”

Locking Arms to Learn

Ladies of Justice offers weekly activities and resources to all members. Mondays have been coined “Mastery Mondays,” and each week a different woman is invited to present on a business/life topic they have mastered.
Then it’s on to “Women Empowerment Wednesday.” On this day, there is a group call that highlights a specific woman and her unique journey within the business. It’s a time to celebrate that woman and her unique gifts.
“We bring a woman in and talk about her life story, her struggles, and her goals,” Elizabeth says. “It shows us how we are all different, but we can find certain patterns and see that we are on the same journey.”
On Fridays, the group hosts a Facebook livestream on different topics ranging from incentives to the theme of the month.
Each February, the group does a mentorship match up where each associate gets paired up with another associate and they get to know each other and learn from one another.
All of these activities support the women in the company internally, and then they are able to turn around and give that love back to the community and company at large.

Welcoming Women

Ladies of Justice not only bolsters up associates, it attracts new women to the company.
“We have actually had women come to PPLSI just for this group,” Elizabeth says.
Many associates invite other women to the calls and events simply to be uplifted and inspired by other women. Sometimes that leads to becoming part of the company and sometimes it doesn’t — it’s a win either way!
From the resources to the recognition, Ladies of Justice is leading the way in PPLSI.